6 Essential Tips To Master Disneyland As New Parents


6 Essential Tips To Master Disneyland As New Parents

6 Essential Tips To Master Disneyland As New Parents

Last weekend, Derek and I got to take Chloe to Disneyland and California Adventures for the first time with two of our close friends who both have babies around the same age!

Were parents right about Disneyland being different with kids? You bet ya….but was it less fun? Absolutely not!

The funny thing is, we never even knew about Dinsey’s “Baby Center” until this time. We probably visited the place 3-4x each day!  They have highchairs to feed your child, multiple changing stations, feeding rooms, kid toilets, and if you forgot something or ran out of baby essentials, they have it stocked in a cabinet for you to purchase (cash only). Disneyland is probably one of the most kid-friendly places of all time and the baby center really closed the deal!

Although our trip was filled with kiddie rides, the adults were able to get in a few thriller rides as well (Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones), Guardian of the Galaxy, Soarin’ Around the World). Our itinerary was much more flexible than usual. We couldn’t jam pack fast pass riders one after another…we really had to cater to nap times, feeding times, and diaper changing times.

Here are my suggestions if you’re going to Disneyland with your baby for the first time:

1. TAG TEAM: If you can go with another family, it’s a lot more fun! The moms and dads were able to switch off for the adult rides so we had a good balance.

2.  INVEST IN THE MAX PASS: The Max Pass is worth the extra $10 if you have kids. This pass allows you to book your fast pass from the touch of your phone through the Disneyland App and it automatically lets you download the professional photos onto your phone. This also saves you from lugging your nice camera around! CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE!

It was so convenient not to have to walk over to each ride to get our fast passes. We skipped the max pass the first day and we definitely regretted it when we experienced the convenience the second day!

3. CHEAP STROLLER: Bring a light non-expensive stroller…we bought one from Amazon because we kept hearing recent stories about strollers being stolen at Disneyland.The 3D Lite Umbrella Stroller is light, easy to maneuver, and has the perfect size basket. If you don’t want to buy a new one, you can rent one at Disneyland for $15 for one stroller or $25 for 2 strollers…CLICK HERE for more info!

4. ONE BACKPACK: Bring one back pack filled with snacks, sunscreen (if in sunny season), one extra set of clothes, hat, and diapers/wipes (bring a few extra just in case). Even though Chloe ate solid food, their kids menu is still a bit too salty for this health conscious mama so I brought a small Tupperwear of fruits, milk, and lots of snack and we went through them all!! I say one backpack because you have to lug everything from the stroller every time you’re waiting in line. The less to carry, the better.

5. BABY CARRIER: This was a must. You have to park your stroller before every ride and even with a fast pass, holding your baby can be tiring. Plus, if it’s a slow ride, it’s the perfect time for naps! We used the Ergo Baby Carrier…I used to have the Ergo 360 but I exchanged it for this ONE because it comes with a pretty big pocket where it allows me to put my essentials (keys, phone, & credit card) which is perfect when walking around Disneyland! I also didn’t have to worry about losing my essentials during rides. It’s also just one buckle in the back instead of the velcro which was a huge plus for me…as a petite person, I couldn’t stand the velcro!

6. ARIELS GROTTO: If you want your baby to dine with Disney Princesses, Ariel’s Grotto (CA Adventures) or “Minnie and Friends-Breakfast in the Park” are great options. Just a heads up…be prepared to stand up and sit down multiple times to take photos with Princesses since they all come at different times. I ended up shoving the salad down my throat. By the time the main entree came, we had taken most of the photos so I was able to enjoy a warm meal. though! Their desserts were delicious and so pretty!

6. BE FLEXIBLE: This is a given when you have kids, but having low expectations really helped us to enjoy our day. We went with the flow and enjoyed every moment with our babies! 

We had such a fun time, and seeing the look on Chloe’s eyes every time she met a character melted our hearts…so much that we ended up buying a season pass. Disney might as well take my bank accounts now! What are other tips you have? I would love to hear from you!

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