Sleep Training 101: A Must Read Quick Guide For Sleep Deprived Parents

Okay mamas, let’s face it, regardless of the amount our kids have slept, we’re still running on caffeine. BUT, if your child slept from 7pm-7am and you allowed yourself to sleep at a decent time (don’t ask me if I do), you’d have a lot more energy and maybe your caffeine intake would decrease, right? Maybe?


If you’re a mama-to-be and you’re reading this, you’re so ahead of the game. You will thank yourself if you stay consistent with the routine!

I’m writing this post because I often get sleep training questions. Chloe is now 15 months old (as I write this), but by the time she was 2.5 months old, she was sleeping 10 hours and by 4 months, she was sleep trained and sleeping through the night for 12-13 hours. There’s no trick or magic…I literally followed the suggestions in the book, or what I like to call my bible #2. The Happy Sleeper was the best baby shower gift I’ve ever gotten and I HIGHLY recommend this book. If you do decide to buy this book through my link, I will be receiving a small commission from your purchase. I so greatly appreciate your support!

And like every baby, Chloe went through stages of sleep regression at normal regression points, but it never lasted longer than a week because we continued to use the same routine provided in your handout.


Even though I recommend you buy the book, I want to go the extra mile to help my sleep-deprived and busy mamas and mamas-to-be with my cliff notes and a print out of the exact schedule and routine I used with Chloe. We had this printed out before she was born and pinned on our wall for reference until we got the hang of it!

You might be thinking that sleep training will solve all. However, sleep training is just one part of it. The other half is the baby’s daytime schedule and bedtime routine. I can’t stress enough the importance of bedtime routine and how starting it from day 1 was the best decision we ever made! But don’t sweat, I cover that portion in the hand out along with a daytime routine cheat sheet!

*Please note: Everything I cover is referenced from the book The Happy Sleeper. If you’re eager to learn on your own and want to read the book for yourself, you can purchase the book here.

Thank you for reading this far…now get ready to get some good night sleep!

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