A visit to Richard Nixon’s Library and Museum

This past President’s Day, we made a visit to Richard Nixon’s Library and Museum since the admission was 50% off. We didn’t expect the weather to be so windy and chilly, which is why all our photos looked like I was freezing (Chloe loves the cold)!

The outside of the museum is where former president Nixon’s birth home is located. His father built the home from scratch and it’s approximately 900 sqft. Inside the home you’ll find some original items used by the Nixon family including his parent’s bed, bath tub, National Geographic, and fine china.

Can you believe this little metal bowl was their bath tub?! Apparently Nixon’s mother had a rule where the cleanest child got to take a bath first. My thought was I can’t believe they had to share the same water with every family member! (I am so grateful to be living in current times).

Apparently, Richard Nixon spent hours reading the National Geographic from left to right and front to back. He devoured every page…it’s no wonder he was so intelligent. And, because there wasn’t as much entertainment back then, Nixon’s father would choose a topic each week and the kids would have to find facts for each topic. How cool is that?! I think I want to do this with Chloe! Not only does it encourage self-knowledge, it would challenge her to seek answers that are still unknown to her. What do you think?

Don’t laugh at my face…it was so cold (well, for Southern California)! Anything below 60 degrees is considered cold for us.

So I’m in love with these Chino Polka Dot pants because it’s easy to maneuver in with a toddler, it can be dressed up or down, and surprisingly easy to match! I’ve worn them with booties, ballet flats, slips ons, and slides. Derek thought Chloe looked like a clown in her outfit but I thought it was cute! Here are the outfit details…

Me:   Pants: J Crew    Top: J Crew    Shoes: Tory Burch    Cardigan: Agnis B

Chloe:   Polka Dot Romper: Zara     Top: Mabo Kids (on sale)    Shoes: Freshly Picked (Chelsea boots)    Jacket (old Zara): Similar one here

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